Why a Black Cloud?

I will explain the "black cloud". My mother's family from time to time would say that if anything bad that could happen would happen to them and called it the black cloud. I find this to be true in my life almost on a daily basis. Just like a friend my black cloud is present everyday. Let me make this clear...I talk about my black cloud in an entirely jokingly way. I laugh about most things, even when they are bad....it's all going to be alright. My faith is such that the Lord will provide and even if I don't know how in the world we are going to fix whatever has happened, he knows. So please any of my bad things that I mention, know that I am laughing and remaining faithful while I am typing! And please LAUGH because I am!

He that is afraid of bad luck will never know good" -RussianProverb

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

God's Voice

Jason used to be a over the road truck driver. I was having a really depressing time after my mom died and couldn't stand the thought of being alone. I had my children but he was gone for weeks on end. When he got ready to leave for another long couple of weeks, I started to cry uncontrollably. He hated to leave but knew he had to because his job was our only source of income. He left. I cried. A couple of hours later he called to tell me that he had turned in his truck and was coming home.  WOW! then the tears really started to flow: how were we gonna make it? What were gonna do? How could he put us in this situation on top of my already depressed state especially without the prospect of any other job? When I went to pick him up I found out the answers. He said that once he got on the interstate he kept feeling this nagging feeling to turn his XM radio to a particular station. So he finally did even not know what that station even was (what kind of music or talk they played on the station). That is when he heard Andy Stanley talking about his new book, "Choosing to Cheat". He drove for an hour listening to what this book was about. It was about cheating your family by doing other things including working extended hours.  Your family, according to the radio, needed your time and not only the money. He said he then knew what he had to do. ...he knew I needed him, he knew the children needed him and that the Lord would provide us with whatever we needed but we just had to trust that. Jason then started applying for jobs...the one he got was a job that usually took about 6 weeks to get (after umpteen interviews, drug tests, physical tests, etc) and he was employed and working in about 4.  Did we struggle for those 4 weeks?  Yes but we made it...just like we had faith we would.

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