Why a Black Cloud?

I will explain the "black cloud". My mother's family from time to time would say that if anything bad that could happen would happen to them and called it the black cloud. I find this to be true in my life almost on a daily basis. Just like a friend my black cloud is present everyday. Let me make this clear...I talk about my black cloud in an entirely jokingly way. I laugh about most things, even when they are bad....it's all going to be alright. My faith is such that the Lord will provide and even if I don't know how in the world we are going to fix whatever has happened, he knows. So please any of my bad things that I mention, know that I am laughing and remaining faithful while I am typing! And please LAUGH because I am!

He that is afraid of bad luck will never know good" -RussianProverb

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope

Friday, July 22, 2011

101 uses for Rubber Bands

Today has been another interesting day at the Allen Homestead. I lost the car keys and spent 3 hours this morning looking for them.  The car still isn't fixed-wasn't for lack of effort, but we are thankful to have a truck that runs....so we arent completly stranded.  Madison learned how to type in the password-so now she can turn on the computer, type in her password and play pbs kids games....she is thrilled. I, of course, think she is growing to fast-bikes without training wheels and computer independence (well sort of)...too grown up for 4 years old. Speaking of too grown up...Amanda. She is turning into a young woman right before my eyes and she is wise beyond her years. I saw my Ty Ty today..."too pretty to be a boy" even with the blue and red mohawk.

I saw a friend today and we shared our black cloud stories...lots of laughs at egg fragranced chocolate milk and rubber bands. Who knew there were so many things you could do with rubber bands...Did you know there is actually a web site that lists 101 things to do with rubber bands? But let me assure you not ALL the uses were listed!  :)

Also talked to another friend on the phone and shared our black clouds. Amazing how God puts people in your life so unexpectly. She has lots of little "helping" hands at her house,that help make messes, and unorganize the once organized (I can so relate!). Her cloud today was perfectly organized paperwork that had been rearranged all over the floor! Even through all that, I know she is thankful for each and everyone of those "helping hands".

So today, even with a still broken car, even with messes all over the floor,even without my perfectly placed rubber band and even with eggy chocolate milk: I am thankful for many things: my hard working husband, my beautiful and very intelligent children, my friends and all the laughs we can have in midst of the turmoil we call life.

 God has truly blessed us all!


  1. edited-can tell I was sleepy and distracted..lol

  2. OK...lets see if this comment box works.
    So, what have you done with a rubber band today....AND ....what are you doing up this early!!!!
    Nicky. x

  3. i know not all the info on the rubberbands were listed...lol our conversation was really interesting on rubberbands...lisa:)

  4. I LOVE reading your blogs, Neter.♥ You have such a positive attitude & reading your blogs makes me want to have a better attitude toward "my black cloud". Keep 'em coming! Brandy