Why a Black Cloud?

I will explain the "black cloud". My mother's family from time to time would say that if anything bad that could happen would happen to them and called it the black cloud. I find this to be true in my life almost on a daily basis. Just like a friend my black cloud is present everyday. Let me make this clear...I talk about my black cloud in an entirely jokingly way. I laugh about most things, even when they are bad....it's all going to be alright. My faith is such that the Lord will provide and even if I don't know how in the world we are going to fix whatever has happened, he knows. So please any of my bad things that I mention, know that I am laughing and remaining faithful while I am typing! And please LAUGH because I am!

He that is afraid of bad luck will never know good" -RussianProverb

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stressful Stress Test

Seems the black cloud was hovering over Self Regional today. I guess it followed Jason and me....as usual. We were told we were late when we went to register even though we were 15 minutes earlier than the time we were told to be there and 45 minutes early for the actual appointment. They took us back to start the testing. They started explaining how the test would work and what he could expect. One nurse was asking questions, another was shaving his "sweater" and another was getting the IV ready. They then took his blood pressure. It was 201/105! We were, of course, informed that he couldn't walk on the treadmill today if his blood pressure didn't go down  and he didn't relax...lol.

 "Lets all hover over you ask you bunches of questions, shave ya, stick a  unch of sticky things to you and push a needle in your arm and THEN take your blood pressure. oops too high...lets stress you out by telling you you must calm down and get your blood pressure down so you can walk on the treadmill" LOL. "Well Mr Allen your pressure is still too high 168/97 and if you walk on that tread mill you might have a stroke...ok now you need to walk two miles to your truck and drive to your doctor and get some meds to get that pressure down"  LOL

 Then the poor guy walks into the doctors office and only one person seemed to know he was supposed to be coming even after the call from the hospital. Blood pressure at doctors office 122/something....no meds only a diet plan....wow....think stress made his stress test a no go?

Thankful for the laughs we had together today about the entire situation, thankful they were cautious and thankful there is no blood pressure meds in his immediate future.

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